Achieve a breakthrough with the RTI custom interface!

Have you ever thought about a unique and fully customized control interface tailored to the specific needs of each customer? For each high-end customer, personal brand value is always placed first. The more differences are emphasized, the more true value is created. And RTI is the key to helping you conquer that customer base.

What is a graphical user interface?

Graphical user interface (GUI for short) is a type of user interface that allows communication with computers or electronic devices using images and text instead of just simple command lines.

In the field of smart homes, a GUI is an essential component. It can be understood as a form of interaction between users and the system through graphical elements. They are often designed with status bars, buttons, and other visual elements to display information, making it convenient for users to interact and manage smart devices such as lights, air conditioners, security systems, audio systems, etc. They can be accessed remotely through devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or touchscreens within the house.

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Why does the RTI custom interface help dealers conquer high-end customers?

For customers:

1. Unique interface for each project.

By customizing and arranging the details to suit their needs and usage habits, users can create a unique interface that reflects their individuality and style. This not only adds a personal touch but also helps reduce the difficulty of searching for and operating various functions.

Designing interfaces based on daily usage habits. | malo solutionsDesigning interfaces based on daily usage habits.

2. Theme options suitable for any and all occasions.

A customizable control interface allows users to update it flexibly over time. As needs and preferences change, users can easily adjust them accordingly. This ensures an optimized and efficient interface for interacting with the control system.

Customizing the RTI interface based on events. | malo solutionsCustomizing the RTI interface based on events.

3. Uniform interface creates emphasis and aesthetics.

Whether it's a complex or simple requirement, every detail on the interface is designed beautifully and elegantly. It meets the needs and preferences of each user in the best possible way, while also synchronizing styles and elevating the value of any space.

Unifying the style of the space and the brand | malo solutionsUnifying the style of the space and the brand

For dealers:

Easily program control interfaces with Integration Designer software.

Integration Designer is a powerful programming tool for RTI integrated control systems. It enables the creation of stunning interfaces. With its intuitive software, you can easily perform drag-and-drop operations for design purposes.

Integration Designer maintains consistency in programming, whether you are using it for a single room or a sprawling mansion with dozens of rooms. This simplifies the integration process for designers. As a result, your clients can choose the features they frequently use, allowing them quick and easy access.

Integration Designer 11 - RTI software | malo solutionsIntegration Designer 11 - RTI software

With Integration Designer, you can create unique and customized interfaces for every RTI control system. This delivers an exceptional user experience and exceeds expectations in terms of satisfaction.


If you want to build trust in this field, don't overlook RTI! It is a reliable system where customer brand value is always prioritized. It helps create a seamless, unique, and unmistakable user experience. Learn more about RTI solutions at:

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