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Are you in the business of smart home solutions and struggling to find ways to improve, upgrade, or expand your offerings? Or are you an electrical contractor looking for a reputable brand to expand your services but concerned about technical aspects and operations? We believe that malo solutions will be a reliable partner to help you establish a strong foothold, confidently deploy solutions, and focus on growing your market. Let's explore the answers in this article!

About malo.

malo solutions distributes integrated smart solutions for commercial and residential projects in Vietnam. We are experts in designing automation, security, and audio-visual control solutions. Our solutions focus on simplifying complex systems and enhancing integration capabilities with end devices. Currently, malo distributes renowned brands from the US and Italy such as Wyrestorm, Black Nova, RTI, and ProControl, etc.

Some brands we represent in Vietnam | malo solutionsSome brands we represent in Vietnam

The reasons why customers turn to and choose malo as a companion.

Our mission is to become a reliable business partner for customers. For us, being a reputable partner goes beyond providing quality solutions and technical training. It also involves respecting and protecting our dealers, and together, fostering sustainable development.

1. The solutions we offer are carefully selected by our experts from premium, internationally recognized brands known for their high quality and reliability.

Our team of experts has deep expertise in the fields of automation control and audio-visual entertainment in the Canadian, American, and Vietnamese markets. In Particular, they have extensive experience in advising large-scale smart home systems worldwide, including RTI, Lutron, Control4, and Crestron. With their accumulated knowledge and experience, we are confident in being a reliable partner to customers in all aspects, especially in technical expertise.

Professional technical training support | malo solutionsProfessional technical training support

We regularly provide specialized training courses to enhance technical skills in implementation and optimize solution research and development. This helps customers gain confidence in sales and market development.

2. The solution is carefully selected by our experts from premium international brands known for their quality.

We take pride in bringing our customers internationally recognized brands with high-quality standards. We understand that large-scale projects in the premium segment involve multiple standalone systems that require stable, powerful, and diverse integration. Therefore, dealers greatly benefit from a solution that offers seamless integration, making design, deployment, operation, and maintenance easier. Additionally, professional systems allow dealers to upgrade and expand features for end users when new needs arise.

The solutions include:

  • Wyrestorm: An American brand specializing in conferencing equipment and audio-visual distribution devices, particularly renowned for meeting room projects.

Professional conference equipment - Wyrestorm | malo solutionsProfessional conference equipment - Wyrestorm

  • RTI/ProControl: American brands known for their cost-effective control platforms, specializing in commercial projects, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and residential applications.

Touchpanels - RTI | malo solutionsTouchpanels - RTI

  • Black Nova: An Italian brand offering high-end keypads with excellent integration capabilities for various systems such as KNX, Control4, RTI, and more. Black Nova products are known for their sophisticated and elegant design.

Keypads - Black Nova | malo solutionsKeypads - Black Nova

And several other brands.

Not only stopping at expensive furniture, the convenience and comfort from high-end professional systems will help enhance the lifestyle and enthusiasm that the homeowner has put into their living space.

3. Collaboration policy for sustainable development.

malo solutions is committed to providing clear policies for our dealers to establish a sustainable and trustworthy partnership. Our policies include:

  • Focus entirely on cooperation with dealers, not selling directly to end customers.
  • Maintaining competitive pricing for solutions and providing maximum support to dealers.
  • Offering a reliable Project Registration policy
  • Providing full manufacturer warranty.
  • Ensuring customer information security and non-disclosure to third parties.
  • Providing conditions for dealers to experience the products before making partnership decisions.

4. Dedicated customer service.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. malo is committed to providing customer support throughout the entire deployment, training, and after-sales process. Our assistance in addressing any issues encountered by our dealers ensures that end customers' experiences are not affected and helps our partners feel more confident in the solutions provided by malo.


With extensive knowledge and years of experience from industry experts, malo confidently brings customers the most optimal solutions, helping businesses create professional and convenient spaces. Learn more about malo at or contact us to schedule an appointment at 0975 375 674.

malo is ready to assist you!

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